Mystery Facing Retail
Mystery Point of sale

Mystery Facing Retail

With our mystery service at the point of sale, you can find the way your distributors handle your products and the exact information consumers receive about your brand and products. You will be able to find out if they use the right arguments, if they communicate properly the benefits of your product and even if they do, you will be able to find out the information given about your product in comparison to your competitors´ product.

You will also know whether your brand is offered as a first option or if it is not even mentioned when using a specific argument.

In short, we benchmark your service against what is offered by your competitors. Our shoppers visit the store and ask for help from the staff, they ask for a specific product/service, and we assess if among all the possible brands yours is the one recommended. We also check the arguments given for your brand against your competitors´.

We can also measure the service in large department stores: our shoppers visit the area where your products are displayed and observe different criteria:  the location where the brand is placed, whether it is positioned at eye level, if there is a promotional banner or sign…


What's the benefit?

How it works?

Practical application in the company

It allows us to check if your distributors…

  •  Know how to sell your product using the correct arguments.
  • Offer your product or, on the opposite, they recommend your competitors’.
  • Inform customers about deals, promotions, etc..
  • Display properly your products.
  • Use support elements such as catalogues, brochures, banners, etc…
  • Keep the facilities in order, providing a good brand image.
  • Treat customers in a friendly and professional way.

It´s the perfect service for products that are sold in multi-brand department stores with a very clear competition.

It is very useful in order to get information about what kind of arguments or benefits we are told in comparison to other available brands.

For example, our shopper will visit a pharmacy and will request formula milk for his baby.  He will also ask the pharmacist for advice.  Before making a decision and buying a particular brand, it is the right time to get the information: if he hasn´t been encouraged about the formula milk he intended to buy, he will then request it and ask about the pharmacist´s opinion in comparison to other brands.

Another example can occur in large stores, our assessor will go to the sunscreen lotion area  and since it is an establishment that does not have such a personalized attention from the employees, he will assess whether the product we are analysing can be clearly visible on the shelf, if it is placed at eye level, or if it is placed next to a promotion, if the price is highlighted in comparison to its direct competition, etc.


  • Incentives for your distributors: You can offer awards to distributors who get the best ratings in their evaluations.
  • To implement quality standards: If you need certain requirements from your distributors, a mystery customer procedure will allow them to verify if they are met effectively.
  • Assess a new distributor: Evaluate a potential distributor before they join you to see if they meet your requirements.
  • Assess a specific distributor: A distributor who has just joined, or from which you have received a complaint, or you suspect that he is not working properly, or you even doubt from his honesty.
  • Many more, since the benefits of this service are diverse and unlimited, depending on the product.