Online customer experience

Online mystery: online customer experience

How does your company handle e-commerce? Is your online purchase process simple and conveys reliability and safety? Is your potential customer able to find your page without being an expert? Is he able to find your product easily? Is your online service providing the right quality on all devices? Or is your company losing sales because it is not well prepared? How does your company manage leads? Do you handle them properly in a timely manner?

Try our online mystery service and you will see our approach to help you define the best online shopping experience. You will see if your brand is really prepared to offer a reliable and secure online sales service, which results in a satisfactory experience in the purchase process. It will also show you how do you deal with business opportunities that come through your website from an online environment.

Our secret shoppers will check your online purchase experience from a potential customer’s point of view, from the moment the purchase intention arises and he enters your website or sends a lead, until the end of the process with a possible claim or return, including the effective completion of an online purchase. Our proposal implies an exhaustive analysis of your company’s online shopping experience, carried out by shoppers who will meet your potential customer’s profile, so that they can obtain a real experience assessment on your e-commerce or website.

Do not forget that there is never a second chance to make a good first impression.


Benefits to your business

How it works

Practical implementation in your company

Online mystery will solve your doubts regarding a real experience of a customer who contacts your company through your website or any other platform. Whether it is making a purchase, asking questions, returning an item, using your chat or email, or getting in touch with your phone service to manage incidents. Having this information and dealing with it properly will have a direct impact on your reputation and your business success.

In the same way, a correct management in good time and in an appropriate manner of the leads received by your company is essential to obtain the trust of a client.

It allows you to know aspects such as:

  • Quality and response timings
  • Kindness and politeness
  • How the contact email operates
  • Optimal functioning of auto-reply mails
  • A satisfactory solution to enquiries sent.
  • Delivery time of an ordered product
  • Presentation and packaging
  • Return procedure
  • Warranty handling



Our mystery shoppers, pretending to be regular customers, will check the final customer experience for online enquiries

Online stores that can offer the best experience to their customers will be well positioned and will take advantage of the e-commerce opportunity. The goal is to assess the quality of online customer service that your company is offering, identify possible failures and provide the necessary data for the company to solve them.

  • Send leads
  • Fill out contact forms on your website
  • Send emails to make enquiries.
  • File a complaint or query.
  • Make online purchases
  • Carry out the return of an article

A good response time, proper business manners and in general a good experience in a first contact, is essential to get a customer to trust your company and recommend it with the consequent impact on your results.

Our shoppers will check your website and will send a request or purchase according to the sector and activity. For example; to request an appointment at a clinic, to book a table at a restaurant, to ask questions about a product, to request a driving test at a dealership, to ask for a catalogue, to make an online purchase at a fashion store, etc….

We will prepare a detailed report in which we will have access to your company. Then, through our Intranet you will have an exclusive and confidential access to the results. You will know all the reports in a detailed, personalized way and according to the criteria you decide (waves, areas, stores, etc.). A complete analysis of the attention received by our shoppers in a clear way, with statistics, comments, and graphics.