Customer service over the phone

Mystery calling: improve your phone customer service

Offering appropriate customer service over the phone is a very effective tool to retain customers. It is possible that your business needs to improve the customer experience on the phone: reducing waiting time, improving the customer service or your operators having a deeper knowledge of products.

In order to assess your company’s customer experience, our mystery callers will anonymously call your company in order to assess all these points. The purpose is to improve the customer service offered by phone and to get clear benefits from it.

Your business brand image can be improved starting from today with our mystery calling service.

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Benefits to your business

How it works

Practical implementation in your company

A good customer service on the phone will lead to a beneficial selling experience. With mystery calling, we will assess possible failures in waiting times, customer service, or lack of knowledge of the services and products offered by your staff, compliance or not to the customer experience process. These are key points towards making an initial good impression.

The purpose of this service is that the staff in charge of customer service inspire professionalism and trust to the customer, generating a positive brand image and creating good customer relationships which will benefit the business. Mystery calling aims to increase your sales.

It allows you to understand the following points:

  • Optimal operation of the switchboard service
  • Adherence to the correct schedule
  • Telephone response time
  • Corporate presentation
  • Polite and helpful attention
  • Resolving queries
  • Saying goodbye to customer

A mystery shopper will contact your company over the phone, pretending to be a regular customer. A selling transaction will be initiated with the purpose of assessing the customer service offered by you. After analysing the experience and identifying any failure in the process, an assessment will be carried out to readjust the phone processes to be followed.

 Our shoppers will phone your business, pretending to be real customers and they will interact appropriately based on the type of your business. For instance, they will ask some queries about one of your products, call for an appointment with the garage, request information on some treatment. Several criteria will be assessed to achieve the most satisfactory customer service.

Then you will have exclusive and confidential access to the results through our intranet. You will learn all the assessment results in a comprehensive, customised manner and organised by your preferred criteria (batch, area, shops, etc.). A thorough analysis of the customer experience that our shoppers had in clear way, with statistics, comments and graphs.