Real Estate and Property Development Companies
  • Do your staff try to advise customers based on their needs and using convincing arguments?
  • Does your sales team follow the selling process established within the business?
  • Do they display initiative to inform about the property characteristics?
  • Do they know the area where the flat/house is located, and the property’s orientation?

Real estate and property development companies mystery shopping

Through El Cliente Indiscreto, you will know in depth the complete experience of a client who contacts your company looking for information about a property. You will know every single step of their experience, the response time to their request, the customer care provided, the exact information they receive, how the material is handled, how the show flat is presented, if the employees advise clients properly according to their needs and if they are able to communicate the product benefits in the same way the real estate company establishes it.

We analyse important aspects when acquiring a property like whether the staff has a good knowledge of the area where the flat/house is located and its orientation, the loyalty of the employees or whether they carry out the later follow up of the sale. We can even assess your competitors.



and follow-up


the sale


punctual in appointments with customers


served as they deserve


convincing arguments


Correct handling


and know the area where the flat/house is located


material handling


of the sales advisors



Every company is unique and has its own way of doing things. Although the processes are quite similar in the real estate sector, each one has its own identity. We verify that the sales process is being followed and is working properly.

It is critical to contact the client a few days after the client´s visit. Our shopper will leave his real contact details and will remain reachable so that we can assess whether there has been any attempt of following up the request by the estate agent.

The reliability and formality of your employees is a very important value to consider, so it is essential to assess if the sales advisor really shows accurately to their appointments with clients.

The way in which employees help your customers often determines the final decision. It is very important to monitor if your employees follow the sales protocols established by the developer or real estate agency to guarantee a positive response from the potential client.

Sales advisors must show great initiative informing about the features of the property and explaining all particularities of the property in detail, using convincing arguments in order to provide the client with as much information as possible. Is this the case in your business?

Proper management of the leads received by your company is essential when monitoring the sale. Using Mystery Shopping you will be able to analyse the leads management both from a call center and from the point of sell itself.

With a Mystery Shopping project, you can find out the exact explanations given by the advisors about the property, both by telephone and by mail, and during the visit, and if they really comply with the standards set by the company.  You will be able to check if the advisors show a good knowledge of the property.

Companies have different support material, such as; 3D glasses, models, catalogues, different samples of tiles, glass, taps, etc. We can evaluate the proper use of these materials and of course if the show flat is visited.

A crucial issue is the loyalty of your sales advisors. Sometimes when one of your properties does not fit 100% a potential client needs, the sales advisor will try to move the sale to another promotion. This type of information can be obtained with a well-planned mystery shopping program.

A detailed analysis of your competitors it´s a very interesting tool for your company; you can check the type of service they offer, their economic terms, their way of working, etc. These are all issues to take into consideration when trying to improve your business to be more competitive in the sector.