It is time to Become a Shopper
  • Do you enjoy shopping?
  • Would you like to use your shopping experience to improve business?
  • Would you like to earn some extra money?

Collaborate as Mystery Shopper

Collaborate as Mystery Shopper and become a real shopper. Depending on type of business, visiting shops, making phone calls and complete online processes to see and assess the customer service offered by your staff. Then the mystery shopper will write a review about his experience.

The requirements to be a mystery shopper are to be professional, observant and good writing skills. If you think that you meet these requirements and you would like to join our team, fill in our form for mystery shoppers. Our network of mystery shoppers grows constantly. Join us now!

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Do you enjoy shopping? Would you like to use your shopping experience to improve business? Would you like to earn some extra money?

We are waiting for you. Become a shopper for El cliente Indiscreto.

You will visit clothing shops, shoe shops, car dealerships, coffee shops, restaurants, cinemas, furniture shops, hotels, etc.

We need people with different profiles to satisfy our customers’ requests. We already have a domestic network of several thousands of evaluators. Would you like to join us?



First, to be able to objectively evaluate, you will get training on Customer Service. After completing this first stage, you will get specific training for each project.

It consists of…

Visiting shops pretending to be a customer and to complete a purchase or a consumption, as requested. After observing and assessing the customer service offered by staff and after analysing the setting, you will fill in a form about your visit.

This collaborate will help us check if the set customer service process is being followed, with basic points such as cleanliness, and order in the shop. With your collaborate, we can help many companies to offer a better customer service!

 Are you interested?

You simply need to be professional, observant and to meet the basic requirements:

  • Are you of legal age?
  • Are you a responsible and honest person?
  • Do you live legally in Spain?
  • Do you have free time? Do you have internet connection?
  • Can you fulfil our Code of Conduct?

If you answered yes, you are ready to become a shopper!

Join us! Fill in the form and become a mystery shopper. And if you do not enjoy shopping, do not worry as there are many other ways to assess businesses.

We will inform you of the available visits in your place of residence and you will decide which ones you would like to complete. Remember that we must meet our customer’s needs and we collaborate with profiles appropriate for each project. Do not worry, we will contact you when your profile is right!