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ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. is responsible for the website In compliance with the obligations arising from Act 34/2002 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, we hereby provide all USERS with the following information regarding the website’s terms and conditions for use.

Any individual accessing the website shall be considered a USER. USERS hereby undertake to observe and strictly comply with all the provisions included herein, in addition to any further legal provisions that may apply.

ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. reserves the right to modify any type of information that may be available at the website without requiring any prior notice or notification to USERS regarding these obligations, other than by publishing these on the ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. website.


Please find below the identification details for the website owners:

ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L., inscribed on Alicante Mercantile Register under volume 2314, sheet 173, page A-57946, entry 1.


Tax ID no. B-53458899

Torres Quevedo 105

03204 Elche (Alicante).

Tel. 966 66 67 67

Fax. 966 66 42 84




Through their website, ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. provides USERS with access to a wealth of information, services, programmes or data on the Internet belonging to either ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. or its licensors. USERS assume all responsibility for using the website. Such responsibility shall include any registration that may be required in order to gain access to specific services or contents. USERS who decide to register shall also be responsible to provide truthful and legal information.

In the event of any USERS who are under legal age, these shall require prior consent by their parents or tutors before proceeding to include their personal details on any forms available on this website. ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L., shall accept no liability arising from non compliance with the above requirement.

Likewise, ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. shall not accept any liability arising from any information published in their website that may have been manipulated or introduced by any external third parties.

Cookies (small data files that the server sends to the User’s computer when they access the website) may be used by ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. in their website to undertake specific functions that are considered essential for its correct operation and viewing. In either case, all Cookies used in this website are temporary, and only intended to provide more efficient subsequent transmissions before disappearing at the end of each User session. Under no circumstances shall we use Cookies to collect personal data.

From this website, USERS may be redirected to third party website contents. However, it must be noted that ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. is unable to maintain constant control on the contents introduced by those third parties in their own website. For that reason, we shall not accept any liability concerning such contents. In either case, ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. hereby expresses that they shall proceed to immediately remove any content that may be in breach of national or international legislation, moral values or the public order, by immediately removing any links to the affected website, in addition to reporting the relevant contents to the corresponding authorities.

USERS hereby undertake to make proper use of any contents and services offered by ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. in their website.

ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L., shall not be held responsible regarding any information and/ or contents stored at, including but not limited to, forums, chats, blog generators, comments, social media or any other means that may enable third parties to publish any comments independently on ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L.’s website.

Any USERS who may wish to include a hyper link to ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L.’s website shall incur in illegal or improper use contrary to good faith of the information, services or products made available in the above website. More specifically, USERS who introduce a hyper link shall undertake to:

Avoid destroying, damaging or altering in any shape or form the contents, services or products made available to USERS from ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L.’s website.

Avoid stating that ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. shall assume the supervision of the hyper link or contents published in websites belonging to any User who introduces a link thereto from ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L.’s own website. ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L., shall not be held liable in either case for any contents or services featured in the USER’s own website that may include a link or hyper link to ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L.’s website.

Avoid including the brand, commercial brand name or any distinctive signs belonging to ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. in their own website without prior consent.

However, and pursuant to the provisions included in articles 11 and 16 of the above Act 34/2002, Act 34/2002, ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. hereby shall remain fully available to all users, public authorities and law enforcement agencies, in order to actively collaborate by removing or, where applicable, blocking any contents that may affect or be in breach of national or international legislation, third party rights, moral values and public order. Should any User consider that any of our web contents may be subject to the above classification, we would appreciate if they could notify the website administrator as soon as possible.

Although this website has been checked and approved to ensure its correct operation, it may be taken down or altered without prior notice. In such cases, ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L., shall not accept any liability from USERS or any third parties for the above reasons. In spite of this, we may still guarantee a correct 24/7 operation 365 days a year in principle. However, ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. shall not guarantee the lack of issues arising from any development bugs, or force majeure situations, natural disasters, strikes, or similar circumstances that may prevent access to this website.


At ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. we are fully committed to comply with the Spanish legislation in terms of personal data protection. For that reason, we strive to ensure a correct use and processing of all USER’S personal data, as well as full compliance with any established obligations, in addition to the implementation of security measures pursuant to EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council passed on 27th April 2016 on General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR), repealing Directive 95/46/EC on the protection of individuals with regards to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

Our Privacy policy is hereby made available by ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. to all its USERS in order to inform them regarding the following:

Data processing manager.

Details subject to processing.

File where these are stored.

Purposes for this processing.

Obligations, or lack thereof, to provide these, as well as the consequences arising from such breach.

User rights and entitlements, including how to exercise these.

Pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation, we hereby inform USERS that all information provided by them will be included in the automated files belonging to ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. for the purposes of administrative management of access requests and shipment of products and services, as well as to send notifications that may be of interest. USERS are entitled to access this information and to cancel or rectify the data held by sending a request to our company’s registered address. We hereby guarantee the adoption of the relevant measures in order to ensure a confidential processing of such data.


All elements comprising this website such as: text, images, commercial brands, logos, audio and video files, buttons, software files, colour schemes as well as its structure, selection, layout and presentation of all its contents are protected by Spanish and international Intellectual and Industrial property law. Likewise, and notwithstanding the above statement, all contents included in this website are also considered jointly as a computer programme and therefore, all related Spanish and European current legislation on the matter also applies thereto. Any reproduction, be it total or partial, of this website and/ or any of its contents without prior express written consent from ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. is expressly prohibited.

ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. is the owner, either by themselves or through concession, of all intellectual and industrial property rights that may apply to their Website. These include, but are not limited to, the development, editing, compiling, and further elements required for its operation, software, brands, logos, text, structure and design, selection of materials used, source code (HMTL and JavaScript) or, where applicable, they hold a valid license or express authorisation by the authors allowing their use. All website contents are duly protected by the intellectual and industrial property legislation in force, as well as inscribed in the corresponding public registers.

USERS undertake to respect the Intellectual and Industrial Property rights belonging to ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. They may view the elements included in the website and also print, copy and store them in their computer’s hard disk or any other physical means, provided that these are intended solely and exclusively for their personal and private use.

All contents included in ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L.’s website have been prepared and uploaded by:

ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. themselves, using internal and external sources. For that reason, ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. shall only be held responsible for those contents created in-house.

Through their collaboration or voluntary uploading of contents, USERS shall remain solely responsible of these, holding ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. expressly exempt from any liabilities that may arise thereof.

Any individuals or entities who are not related to ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. other than by collaborating or posting directly into their Website using links shall remain solely responsible for the contents introduced and shall hold ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. expressly exempt from any liabilities pursuant to Spanish legislation.



ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. reserves the right to deny or remove access to their website and/or the services offered without prior notice, either at their own discretion or by request from a third party, to any USERS that fail to comply with these provisions.



ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. shall prosecute any USERS who are in breach of these terms and conditions, as well as any inappropriate use of their website. We reserve the right to bring any civil or criminal lawsuits that may be applicable.



In the event of any controversies or issues concerning this website or any related activities, both ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. and USER, hereby agree to submit themselves expressly to Spanish legislation. Any conflicts arising or related to its use shall be submitted to the Arbitration Court of Alicante (Spain), located at Alicante’s Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Shipping, who shall be in charge of dealing with the relevant arbitration and designation of arbitrators, pursuant to their Regulations and Bylaws, which shall be resolved pursuant to Spanish legislation.



USERS under 18 years of age must inform their parents or tutors regarding ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L.’s Privacy policy and its Terms and Conditions, who shall be required to approve these.

USERS of this Website undertake to avoid using it for illegal purposes or activities: they shall not be entitled to modify any of the materials included therein, or to copy, distribute, broadcast, introduce, carry out or, in general terms, reproduce in any shape or form, or publish, authorise or create any work based upon the information or contents included in our website Their agents, directors, subsidiaries, staff.



Our website may contain one or more typos. We reserve the right to modify our website contents without prior notice.



ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. hereby disclaims all express or implied guaranties, including, but not limited to, any guarantee of merchantability and guarantee of fitness for a particular purpose. ANT SERVICALIDAD, S.L. shall not assume any liabilities over any exemplary, consequential, punitive, incidental, indirect or special damages arising from or relating to this Website, with or without the parties’ actual or tacit knowledge of the damages that they may incur.