How your products/services are sold in the point of sale?
Would you like to know how your distributors represent your brand?

Would you like to know

With our Mystery Shopping service for the Point of Sale you will be able to know how your distributors are selling your products and what information about your brand are your customers getting. How your brand is being positioned in the store and if the right message is transmitted to the customers. You will know if the store is selling your products properly and with the right arguments regarding your competition.

Our shoppers will visit a location and ask for help regarding an specific need; this way, we will be able to evaluate how well your brand is recommended and how they explain your brand value proposition versus the competition.

We can also evaluate large retail stores, our shopper will go to the area where your product is placed and review different criteria like visibility, share of shelf, promotional material or branding.


What's the benefit?

How it works?

Practical application in the company

Allows you to know the distributors…

  • Know how to sell your products with the right arguments
  • Do they offer your product or recommend your competition?
  • Inform customers about offers
  • Place your products properly
  • Use merchandising material like brochures, data sheets, images, displays…
  • The facilities offer the proper image
  • Provide a friendly and professional service
  • Personal image and consistent uniformity

It’s an ideal service for products that are sold in multi-brand outlets and with a very clear competition. It allows us to know all the arguments or benefits they mention, or we can observe in relation to other brands that they have also available.

An example would be our shopper visiting a pharmacy and asking for some continuation milk for their baby. He or she would also ask the pharmacist for advice on which one to choose. Then, it’s the moment for the shopper to evaluate before making the decision. If they haven’t mentioned the continuation milk which we are trying to evaluate, the shopper would ask to see how they talk about it. Then, we would analyse what they say to evaluate if the comments are better or worse than the ones from the other brands mentioned.

Another example would be in large outlets, our evaluator would go where the tanning lotions are, and because the staff doesn’t give special attention to the public in these areas, we would evaluate if the product of the specific brand is visible on the shelf, if the product is placed at eye-level, if it’s beside any offer or promotion, if it’s price stands out from all of its direct competition, etc.

Incentives for the retailers: You can offer rewards for the retailers that obtain the best results in the evaluations.

  • Implantation of quality standards: If your retailers are asked for certain requirements, this procedure of mystery shopping allows you to know if they are fulfilling them.
  • Evaluating a new retailer: Evaluate a new distributor before including it, to know if they will adjust to your requirements.
  • Evaluating a specific retailer: A retailer that just got included, or if we have gotten a complaint about
    a specific distributor or we think they’re not doing something right, Or even if we are doubting their honesty.